About Us


First off all we would like to thank you so much for taking a time to visit our site. In today’s fast pace life the real challenge, is to find spare time. Therefore we are even more grateful that you are here now with us.

We are happily married couple that is trying to make positive impact on each other and also on the wide spectrum of environment around us. Our story began from shared passion to explore complexity of human mind that expand when studying at the University. We have been awarded with: Master of Arts degree in the field of Pedagogy with major on Penitentiary Pedagogy with Probation.

Currently we are working towards to obtain the qualification of a psychotherapist in a Human Givens approach. Because we appreciate the value and importance of self – education we would like to share some of our knowledge and experience, hoping that maybe it will create a small spark to start a change in your life.

Start with collecting unique pieces of puzzles to create a view that you would like to see.

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